Dierenkliniek Duivendrecht

Dental treatment


Animal Clinic Duivendrecht uses a dental unit, which means that your pet’s teeth are cleaned with the same equipment as that of your dentist.

This ensures that the teeth can be treated with great care and precision. With the help of an ultrasonic scaler, the plaque and tartar can be removed quickly and pain-free.

Because we work with a dental unit and with gas narcosis, your animal does not have to be under anesthesia for a long time for dental treatment, because our patients receive a low dose of anesthesia after which it is maintained with gas anesthesia. However, the means must be almost completely worked out before you bring your pet home again.



Your dog or cat will receive an analgesic injection from the vet before the treatment if teeth or molars need to be pulled.

If teeth or molars have been extracted or the teeth are very inflamed, antibiotics should be given in the days after the dental treatment in combination with pain relief / anti-inflammatory medication.