Dierenkliniek Duivendrecht

Ultrasound and X-ray

In most cases, our vets Mechteld and Chris can perform an ultrasound of your pet. They can use ultrasound to view your pet’s organs painlessly and safely. The organs can be imaged to determine abnormalities or disorders: if necessary, punctures or biopsies can also be done. These can be further studied to establish the diagnosis. You will be referred for specialist ultrasound scans. For an emergency ultrasound we make sure you can see a specialist colleague often on the same day.

Since the acquisition, the Duivendrecht Animal Clinic has been equipped with the most modern X-ray equipment.

Our digital X-ray system can take pictures in seconds and make them visible on a large screen. This makes our X-ray service of high quality: while your pet is still on the X-ray table, we can already decide to take a repeat photo. This means your pet doesn’t need to be intoxicated or held tight as often.

By being able to quickly evaluate x-rays, we can also identify the problem faster than other vets or address them in time. This way you quickly know where you are and what we can do for you.

X-rays are usually done to take images of the bones, chest, abdomen, and joints.